1. Tuck away your phone before your bedtime routine begins

On Night 1, we discussed how electronic devices with screens emit blue light that can interfere with healthy sleep. Cell phones are a prime example. It can be easy to pick up your phone to play games or casually browse the web in the evening.
For tonight's challenge, we're asking you to keep your phone out of reach as your bedtime routine begins. Whether you lock it in a drawer or stow it in a closet, the idea here is to remove the temptation of using your phone at all.
Tonight's Sleep Routine Challenge.
Keep your cell phone out of reach to avoid using it as bedtime approaches.

2. Identify and remove electronic devices from your bedroom

Cell phones are a common source of sleep interference before bed, but they aren't the only culprits. Televisions, tablets, and laptops also emit blue light – and for many, these devices are bedroom staples.

Before your bedtime routine begins tonight, take stock of all "screened" devices in your bedroom and find a new home for them elsewhere in your residence. If you're used to watching TV or surfing the web before bed, try reading or meditating as an alternative.

Tonight's Sleep Environment Challenge:
Take inventory of the electronic devices in your bedroom and relocate them.

3. Incorporate proper hydrating into your exercise regimen

Yesterday, we asked you to add 15 minutes to your exercise routine. We'd like you to keep that up for Day 5 while also following proper hydration guidelines. Adults should drink between 90 and 125 ounces of water a day.

Drinking one to two glasses before, during, and after your workout can increase your energy levels and help your body recover tonight. If you're exercising on a hot day, sports drinks can also help you properly hydrate.

Tonight's Wellness Challenge:
Drink water or a sports drink before, while, and after you exercise in order to properly hydrate your body.

4. Scale back your caffeine consumption time by 1 hour

For last night's challenge, we asked you to stop drinking 1 hour before bed. Tonight's challenge is similar: stop consuming caffeine an hour earlier than you normally would, even if you restrict your caffeine intake to the morning or early afternoon.

We'd also like you to forgo your last cup of coffee and drink some decaffeinated tea instead. Some teas have sleep-inducing effects for a relaxing beverage before bedtime.

Tonight's Caffeine & Alcohol Challenge:
Stop consuming caffeine 1 hour earlier than you normally would and swap out your last cup of coffee for tea.